Dybala still in the bench, the brother burst on social media. But Scaloni minimizes

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Paulo Dybala in Colombia-Argentina. Afp

In season with the Juventus jersey he put together only 100 minutes in 3 games and, on the second day, he limited himself to watching his team mates scramble for Lazio without setting foot on the pitch. To relieve the “grayish” mood of Paulo Dybala in this period could be the national team, and instead, the Joya did not go well even with the Argentine shirt because in the friendly with Colombia , the coach Scaloni has relegated him to bench preferring Meza. Dybala entered the field only in the 54th minute (when the match was mired on 0-0) in place of Palacios without however excitement.

THE CONTROVERSY – His exclusion, given the absence of Messi, has amazed a bit ‘all, including his brother, Gustavo, who on Twitter to read the formations has so attacked the coach Scaloni: “Since you can not earn money with you, do not play “. Words that threatened to open a fuss if at the end of the match Scaloni and Dybala had not presented themselves in front of the cameras to clarify the story ( with a lot of flip of the ct to Juventus).

“Do you really think I have a problem with Dybala? Paulo is a phenomenon, he’s a great football player, we do not make a case out of stupidity, we have to look ahead, not back, we have to row everyone in the same direction,” said Scaloni before leaving the scene in Dybala who tried to put a piece of cloth in his brother’s words. “Family members would always want to see us play, but I have a good relationship with the coach, there’s no need to get carried away by these things, the coach is him and we have to respect the team he chooses. excellent, is full of guys who want to give everything in the field and it’s time, as always, to row everyone on the same side “.



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