Dump images of alleged new iPhones and Apple Watch Series 4

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Site 9to5Mac has published photos that claim to be from Apple itself and says that it is certain that company will continue with the name of ‘iPhone XS’ for upcoming devices

The 9to5Mac website unleashed a couple of holes this week, claiming to publish legitimate Apple images leaked by mistake (or made available to those who know where and how to look) from upcoming OLED iPhones and Apple Watch Series 4 .

The publication says it is sure that Apple will follow the  iPhone XS name to one of its upcoming handsets. We still do not know if it is the big or small version that will carry the name of iPhone XS, nor do we know how the LCD model of 6.1 inches will be called. Prepare then your jokes for the “excess iPhone”.

The images show a new golden finish, marking a new third color for Apple’s premium X line of iPhone, plus the current Space Gray and Silver (which has a blank back). In addition, from what the images show us, they look almost identical to the current iPhone X, with the obvious exception that one of them is scaled to a 6.5-inch screen size.

In addition, 9to5Mac has a leaked image of what it claims to be a real rendering of Apple in Apple Watch Series 4.


It certainly looks like an official Apple rendering, and gives us much more information about the product than the iPhone image. First, you can clearly see that the screen is much larger, stretching to the edge of the watch with much smaller frames.

Secondly, there is a brand new all-new display here, not available on watchOS 5 of current Apple Watches. It is very dense in information! First, there is the time (with analog hands) along with four points for complications or shortcuts in the middle (music, activity, date and the Earth that looks like the face of the Astronomy clock).

The top of the analog clock shows the next appointment in the calendar. The top left corner shows a timer (with a bar for the remaining time), the upper right corner shows the current temperature (with a bar showing high and low daily), the bottom right shows sunrise and sunset and the left bottom shows the current UVI with a low / high gradient.

All of these gradients make the screen look very busy, but Apple may offer several color options for this watch. What is most interesting are the four new areas in the corners – these do not follow the design of the current complications. Can we change that? Will Apple make these new areas available to third parties? At this point, we have more questions than answers, but these images seem legitimate.



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