Crouch: “On my first day in Liverpool I tried … with Xabi Alonso’s wife!”

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Peter Crouch continues to tell anecdotes about his life as a footballer. Which is not yet finished, but which is so full of particular experiences that it is already collected in an autobiography. And the latest revelations … really make you smile.

Peter Crouch continues to tell anecdotes about his life as a footballer. That is not over yet, since the English striker is in force at Stoke, but that is so full of special experiences to be already collected in an autobiography entitled “How to be a Footballer”. And in fact the very center-forward of the national team of His Majesty has already emptied the bag on very special situations, such as pints to unlock after a long fast of goals. But the story involving Jamie Carragher and Xabi Alonso really threatened to score … forever Crouch and his relationship with the Liverpool locker room.

NEW CONQUEST – Crouch tells the funny story in his Daily Mail column and returns with his memory on his first day in Liverpool. ” In 2005, when I arrived, I was staying at the Hope Street Hotel and at the reception there was a beautiful girl. I could not believe it, but he kept looking at me all the time and smiling at me “. Another conquest for Crouch? Possible, moreover in 2011 the bomber has married the beautiful model Abbey Clancy, with whom he has three children. And the attacker is so happy to have impressed that to break the ice with the new companions tells about the charming girl of the hotel. ” I told the boys during training: ‘really, it’s beautiful, I think I have some chance with her'” .

LADY ALONSO – At that point, Captain Carragher calls some other player and asks Crouch to tell the story again. ” And I did it, I also described it. A beautiful dark-haired girl who looked almost Spanish “. In reality the protagonist of the anecdote is really Spanish, it’s called Nagore Aramburu … and is the wife of Xabi Alonso. Together with his companions, he is intent on listening to Crouch telling how he wanted to approach his wife. A great fool. Luckily, the centravante is clashing, neither the Spaniard nor his wife took it badly once the misunderstanding was explained. Also because consciously trying with the wife of a teammate, moreover the first day, it would really be the worst way to start a new adventure.



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