September 18, 2018

Case Fenati, Crutchlow hard: “You should not get on a motorcycle anymore”

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The Honda rider condemns the fury of his Moto2 colleague, who pulled Manzi’s brake lever at over 200 kilometers per hour: “He deserves to be driven out

Cal Crutchlow, 32 years old. Ciamillo and Castoria

Cal Crutchlow, 32 years old. Ciamillo and Castoria

“I think Fenati should not get on a motorcycle anymore”. Cal Crutchlow’s comment on the folly of Romano Fenati in the Moto2 GP at Misano is hard. A seriously unsportsmanlike gesture that could cost dear to Stefano Manzi and that the other pilots condemn. During the fight for the position, the pilot from the Marche lost his head: he joined the rival and pulled the brake lever causing a sudden decrease in speed that threatened to drop it. 
The race management has disqualified Fenatifor two grand prizes (and also penalized Manzi for a previous contact with six penalty positions in the next starting grid), but for Crutchlow, third Honda rider today at Misano, the provision is not enough: “I think his team should have Kick it off, it deserves to be expelled, we already risk our lives enough, we do not need these gestures, of course there was a contact before, but it always happens in the races and this does not justify it “. 
Also disappointed by the behavior of Fenati Valentino Rossi : “A bad gesture. As an Academy in the past we have focused a lot on Fenati but we have not managed to manage it and it was a defeat “.


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