September 18, 2018

Cagliari, the former Primavera Krystian Popiela died: the memory of the Sardinian club

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The young striker arrived in Sardinia at just 17 years of age: “Always smiling, during his stay he managed to conquer everyone’s affection and sympathy”

Krystian Popiel, ex Primavera Cagliari.

Krystian Popiel, ex Primavera Cagliari.

A real tragedy has hit the Cagliari world. At the age of 20, Krystian Popiela, a former Cagliari Spring forward, passed away. To make it known was the club of President Giulini through a press release: “Cagliari Calcio, deeply saddened by the tragic news, tightens with affection around the family of the young Krystian Popiela, who died just 20 years”, the words appeared on the site official of the island structure. The boy had arrived in Sardinia at the age of 17 and made his debut in Spring in January 2016. “Always smiling, during the stay he managed to win the affection and the sympathy of everyone, from his classmates to the leaders”, the note continues. That closes with a simple greeting, but deeply felt: “Hello, Krystian”.


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