September 18, 2018

Balotelli, the team reveals the weight on the scale of Nice: 100 kilograms in July

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The French newspaper published data on the physical condition of the Nice striker to return to the training center, after two weeks of delay

Mario Balotelli during the game against Poland in Bologna.  Getty

Mario Balotelli during the game against Poland in Bologna. Getty

On the scale, on July 17, when he showed up at the training center in Nice two weeks late, due to the telenovela market with Marseille, a round figure appeared: 100 kilograms. This is revealed by the team this morning . From there Balotelli left to find a presentable weight, working hard under the orders of Vieira who then sent him to the field on 31 August. However overweight, especially for the national team, where his performance against Poland was inevitably disappointing. Even though, writes the team , that of Mancini “was not the idea of ​​the century”.
CRITICISM – In short, it would have been better to use the former Rossoneri in a different way, then overwhelmed by media and fan criticism, and in any case not yet physically. This was already evident at the seasonal debut in Lyon, when Balotelli still had six kilos too much, according to the sports newspaper. Which did not prevent him from playing 76 ‘and keeping Nice in the track, who then won with a goal from Saint-Maximin (0-1). In any case, Vieira focuses entirely on Italian, initially criticized by its staff, according to the team , due to its lack of training, as well as the obvious overweight. In Nice, however, Balotelli is now again unanimous and enjoys ideal conditions to return to the best. And perhaps prove to deserve another place in blue.


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