Vlog Hands-On iPhone X Viral, the Father Direct Fired from Apple

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A few days after the pre-order the iPhone X opened, Broke Amelia Peterson who is the son of an engineer at Apple upload a video hands-on iPhone X through his personal YouTube channel. Although it was the Apple iPhone X has not been officially distributed, Apple always gives privileges to the engineernya to try out new devices before they are launched to the public.

A great pity that the video brings even disastrous for families mala Broke. Yes! The company led by Tim Cook asking for Broke to remove it, even houses aka Broke father fired from his job. Decisions taken Apple seem hard, without the slightest tolerance.

Apple considers that the videos uploaded Broke contains some of the information is still kept secret, as demonstrated codename iPhone X through the Notes application and show a QR code for internal purposes.


Although Broke removed the video, Apple insisted on the decisions taken. In fact, the Apple considers this as a loss. The reason, the video has become a viral and trending in the last few days.

In the end, Broke also provide clarification. Besides apologizing, Broke also explained that he really did not understand the rules imposed by Apple. He also explained that his father lent and give full access rights to her X iPhone. In addition, he also said that his personal YouTube channel does not have the subscriber so that he never thought that the video was going viral and trending.

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Actually this is not the first case, in the past Apple has also been laying off one of the 3G iPad engineernya because it shows the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak. The Cupertino-based company is known as a company that is disciplined and does not compromise on employee error.


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