Samsung Galaxy S9 Will Adoption Fingerprint On Screen?

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 Towards the end of 2017, Samsung rumored to be preparing a new generation flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S9. This smartphone is predicted to be landing in early 2018. Commencing a few months away, rumors about this smartphone was started sticking.

Based on the latest report written by one of the media in South Korea said that Samsung will embed the fingerprint sensor on the front, on the screen. A reliable documentation also strengthen the news about this new biometric sensor.

Actually, Samsung brags about this security sensors since 2016 ago. But in reality, there is still no concoction of Samsung’s flagship smartphone which adopted the technology.


Therefore, the greater the potential for Galaxy S9 one who will taste the new biometric sensor for the first time. So how do you think, if the fingerprint sensor embedded on the screen will be much more effective?

On the other hand, had circulated the news that the Galaxy S9 will bring 3D camera sensor as the iPhone Face ID X. While other newspapers also mentioned that the South Korean electronics giant will embed AI or artificial intelligence technology to the Exynos chipset.

For the innards, the Samsung Galaxy S9 is rumored to be using Snapdragon 845 chipset with support for up to 6 GB of RAM. As for a specific market, Samsung is keen to strengthen its flagship smartphone with Exynos chipset.

Then, how the support for the photographic sector? Predicted, Galaxy S9 will bring dual-camera with better capabilities than the previous series. Of course, that there might be made by Samsung.

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Although it was all still a rumor, but there’s nothing wrong wrong we were kept waiting for a buzz-buzz that will be made by Samsung. Indeed, it is interesting to look forward to all the sophistication and features that will be embedded into the Galaxy S9.

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