Pre-order the iPhone X Practice Hard, But Apple Constrained Production

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 In September, Apple proudly announced the newest whiz trio, namely the iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus , and iPhone X. However, Apple’s first iPhone market iPhone 8 and 8 Plus to the public.

While the iPhone X produced to commemorate 10 years of the presence of the iPhone in the smartphone market marketed pre-order towards the end of October 2017.

Unfortunately, Apple does not reap success in selling iPhone iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Mentioned, both devices are less attracted the attention of gadget lovers and iPhone.


As with the iPhone X, the process of pre-order the smartphone is reaping a lot of joy and excitement for Apple. Unexpectedly, the entire unit has to offer iPhone X sold out in a matter of minutes.

Through his spokesman, Apple revealed that the number of iPhone subscribers X actually exceeded targets and expectations that have been determined. Unfortunately, Apple does not want to reveal in detail the number of units of the iPhone X has to offer.

However, not a few analysts who had expected sales of the iPhone X has reached more than 10 million units. If this number is correct, X iPhone will increase Apple’s share had declined.

According to a predetermined schedule, iPhone X itself will be distributed on November 3, 2017. However, for certain countries, there was a possibility Apple iPhone slightly delayed the delivery unit X.

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Rumors are circulating, the delay due to the number of requests is not proportional to the available stock. Apple is also rumored to have an X iPhone production constraints only be able to supply half of the original plan.

Constraints related to production, technology and support Face ID OLED screens embedded into the iPhone X be the most difficult component to be assembled.

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