IPhone X Already Appearing at Home on Apple.com

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 Apple iPhone is actually a new X can be ordered on a Friday morning. However, Apple has uploaded a new banner on their website regarding the newest flagship. When you open a web page Apple.com, then all their homepage contains about Apple iPhone X .

There is a large banner that reminds fans of Apple regarding when pre-orders can be made, namely Friday on October 27, 2017 at 12:01 am PDT. Underneath, there are some boxes that provide information about every feature of the iPhone X, among others regarding the design, face ID, and True Depth Camera.

Not only that, Apple also introduced new Rear Camera that is predicted is the best camera, bionic A11 which became the pride of the latest iPhone products, and Wireless Charging. Wireless charging feature is called where the picture dterdapat Airpower Air Pods, Apple Watch and iPhone are charged simultaneously.

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When you do a Mouse Over, will be seen at a glance information on each box. You can also find these features in when clicking on one of the boxes. In addition to the description on the website, Apple also released the iPhone availability X at retail on November 3 and you have to come early if you want to be the first owner of one unit.


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