IDC: Huawei Will Conquer Apple Position in the Global Smartphone Market

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 Shocking information came from IDC, renowned research institutions are keen to do research and analysts in many industries, including the smartphone industry. The surprising statement is IDC predicts that Huawei will overtake Apple.

Of course, this estimate is not without reason. IDC noticed that the Chinese company was able to demonstrate the development of the market share in the global market are positive, both this year and for years to come.

Actually this is not the first report that mentions the favorable market shifts Huawei. Earlier, a similar report came from the movement of the industry in Taiwan market.


In the report mentioned that Huawei will earn the title as the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in the number of delivery device. With the title means that Huawei will kick Apple from the competition.

Interestingly, the report also draws from Huawei and Apple gap that has narrowed the company’s performance in the second quarter of 2017. Recorded, Huawei had shipped 38.5 million units of the device or control 11.3% of global market share.

which is currently led by a Chinese origin who beat Apple. Interestingly, Huawei and Apple gap has narrowed with the performance

IDC himself said that Apple in the same quarter this year has distributed the device as much as 41 million units or 12% market share. Noticeably, the difference is very small, which is only 2.5 million units.

IDC also believes that Kirin 970 chipset that supports artificial intelligence to contribute to the growth of Huawei. It is estimated that, the presence of which carries Mate Series chipset 10 is able to increase sales of smartphones Huawei in China.

With this success, it is also the likelihood for Huawei to snatch second place in the world smartphone market from Apple hand. By doing so, it is certain that competition in the smartphone industry in the next year is still fierce.

Francisco Jeronimo as research director for mobile devices at IDC believes that Huawei is the biggest challenger to Apple and Samsung. Clearly, Huawei continued to show a positive development in the smartphone industry.

Francisco also believe, Huawei is expected to overtake Apple in this year or next year. However, not a few analysts who argue that the increase in Huawei might be temporary and will decrease when Apple began marketing the new iPhone in many countries.

Denied ITUT, the IDC continues to believe the rise of Huawei in the smartphone industry will remain. So let us wait, if IDC is able to make predictions come true or not?

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