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Trends in social media brings us to the development of smartphones and portable camera that is more unique and varied. It is also directly proportional to the trend of activity on social media increasingly booming, good to tell our daily until certain moments.

To preserve it, other than the use of smartphones, pocket camera, or a camera action, camera 360 degrees is also very interesting to glance. One to try is the Samsung Gear 360aff i?offer id=5248&aff id=1110 . This portable camera actually already been released in early 2016. But now Samsung has developed a new generation, namely Gear 360 (2017).

Unique and portable

gear 360 03


Gear 360 first-generation design is shaped like a webcam. But on Gear 360 (2017), the designs look more cute and unique. Section and a rounded camera feels very comfortable to grip directly by hand.

In addition to the unique, Gear 360 (2017) are also very portable. This single device will not be inconvenient for daily use. Only 10 cm in length with a width of 5 cm and weighs 130 grams.

Additionally, Gear 360 (2017) is also equipped with a screen as well as the battery status indicator which makes it feel very sophisticated. Plus some physical buttons if we want to operate directly from the device without the aid of a smartphone.

Easy to use

gear 360 02

Not much different from most of the action camera, using Samsung Gear 360 (2017) is also quite easy. As explained above, we can directly operate the device using the physical buttons.

But if you want more detail use while previewing the video, we can download applications Gear 360 on Google Play or the App Store. Yes, this is because Gear 360 (2017) is compatible with Samsung smartphones and iPhone.

Devices that support Samsung Gear 360 (2017), namely the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 +, S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge +, S6, S6 edge, A5 (2017), A7 (2017), the iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, and SE. Obviously make sure that the smartphone you are using is running Android 5.0 or iOS upwards 10 upwards.

Through Gear 360 applications that are installed on the smartphone, we can also directly adjust the photos and videos you’ve taken. Do want to be transferred to a smartphone or remove storage when not needed. One again, the application Gear 360 allows us to direct the live broadcast to social media (YouTube and Facebook) that we have.

Record around with a resolution of 4K

gear 360 04

The absolute difference between the camera 360 with the usual action camera is the ability to record video in 360. In other words, the audience can see the video that we recorded with an angle of 360 degrees, not only in one direction from the front or rear as an action camera in general.

Moreover, favorite video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Facebook also supports video 360. So you can see in the video not only our face, but also the situation around us.

This is possible thanks to two 8 MP camera on the Samsung Gear 360 (2017). Fun, video recording can achieve 4K resolution. Because it supports a high resolution, the Samsung also provides a microSD slot to accommodate more files with a maximum capacity of 256 GB.

When using it to take pictures, we can see the results in five different modes. Which is 360 view, stretched view, round view, dual view, and a panoramic view. That way we can share photos on social media with more varied, not monotonous so-so alone.

rational price

gear 360 01

Samsung membanderol Gear 360 (2017) worth $250. If we compare it with the price action cameras or compact cameras currently on the market, the price of $250 is going to be very rational. Moreover, it is made by Samsung that was already obvious quality and after sales of his.

So if you are currently looking for a camera that antimainstream to capture and share the daily activity in social media, Samsung Gear 360 (2017) certainly could be an attractive option. Especially when you feel the usual action camera has been boring or too expensive compact cameras.

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