Google Releases Three Smartphone Pixel On Next Year?

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 Earlier this month, Google officially launched two new smartphones, and Google’s Google Pixel 2 Pixel 2 XL. No kidding, the smartphone that goes into this flagship class is packed with a powerful hardware support.

The presence of these two smartphones also received a positive response from the gadget enthusiast in many countries. In fact, Google Pixel 2 managed to hang rated first test of DxOMark camera.

Looking at it, it seems that Google does not necessarily silent. The tech giant from the United States is reportedly preparing Pixel next generation that will be present in the next year.

Google Pixel Code 2018

This news itself comes from reliable sources delivered directly to Droid-Life. It is said that there will be three sets of the latest Pixel in 2018 which has a code naming Albacore, Blueline, and Crosshatch.

The source also said that Google will call the trio dubbed A, B, and C to merahasikan identity. Also revealed, the two latest Pixel devices will fit into the premium class, and the other devices will be a top-class model.

When investigated more deeply, register AOSP for Pixel device does mention one naming code, namely Crosshatch. This page also contains a list of references to Sailfish and Marlin, which codes for the naming of Pixel and Pixel XL.

Interestingly, there is also mention of a mysterious device with the code naming Wahoo. Unfortunately, there is no confirmation of where the device codenamed Wahoo naming. Or it could be, Wahoo is not associated with Pixel devices that will come in 2018.

A bit of information for you, initially Google has also been rumored that this year they will prepare three sets Pixel naming code Muskie, Walley, and Taimen. However, the model Muskie was canceled without explanation directly from Google.

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Although Google Pixel planned to be present at next year has three code names, may be all that can be changed as we get closer to launch. So, we wait for the continuation of this news.

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