Game Mod – MMX Hill Climb

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MMX Hill Climb – off-road cars go out on the slopes and they are ready to show what they can. Press on the gas and you to see these huge off-road monstersin action. Your main goal will be to reach the finish line first and wipe your opponent’s nose, but at the same time you need not to break the car with a catfish on steep climbs and descents. You are just waiting for a huge selection of different techniques, from buggy to huge tanks.

Beat new and new records, infinitely improve your any car and bypass real opponents. Become a real off-road king, considering the real physics in MMX Hill Climb. And the management here is the simplest, just enough time to heal the gas or brake, so that your armored car is not turned upside down by the roof. You are waiting for dozens of unique tracks painted in 2.5D, which are not so easy to handle, as it seems at first glance.

Features of hacking:

– Added a lot of money for buying and pumping cars;

– Any route in the game can be opened at the very beginning of a career;

– All cars are unlocked.



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