Game android The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt mod

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The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt – feel yourself in the role of the head of pirates and take under your control one with pirate ships on which you can travel a lot and rob. Explore the Caribbean Sea long and short in search of treasures and large prey. Get a huge and unbeatable fleet of 11 ships of various classes. Capture the islands and build on them your settlement, which every minute will bring a decent income to your coffers.

Never before was the control of ships so realistic as in the game “The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt”. In it you can not only improve your ships, but also pump skills of your captain, who with every new level will become stronger and wiser. Fight, grab forts, trade, build and develop your pirate republic. Become ruler of all the Antilles!

Features of hacking:

– Added infinite gold and experience points;

– Completely cleaned advertising.



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