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Fallout Shelter is the most ambitious simulator for android, in which you can manage one of the most huge underground shelters, in which can accommodate not one thousand refugees who will come all the time from the wasteland. In order for you to be able to place newly arrived people in your bunker, you need to complete new rooms, which will also perform various functions. In total there are 20 kinds of rooms in the game that you can open all during the game. Each of them you can improve for a certain amount of resources obtained during the game and put up to three people to perform certain work.

The game “Fallout Shelter” is very unexpected and unpredictable because at any time you can attack raiders and rob, or there can be a fire that can easily burn half of the shelter. In order to avoid these surprises, you need to prepare for them in advance and always be ready. Also, do not forget that the wasteland can be used to extract important resources, such as: lids, water and food. For this you can send experienced fighters, while well equipping them with good armor, weapons and other necessary things for survival that will greatly increase their chances of return. Feel yourself as a real ruler of a small underground state in Fallout, because the fate of many people depends on your choice!


Take off the Fallout Shelter after opening the bunker (RAM 512 MB or less):

1. To run programs, you need to get root rights .

2. Download and install RAM Manager (direct link) and OSFP (direct link).

3. In the RAM Manager program, install a hard game mode.

4. Open OSFP and add Fallout Shelter to the application list.

5. Run the game through the shortcut in OSFP.

6. The game will work stably only sometimes it can podlagivat.

Download the game in Russian (hacking for money):

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