Bos Samsung Reveals Reasons Small Battery Use the Galaxy Note 8

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Behind the excitement of the launch of Galaxy Note 8 in New York 23 August, stored the question mark of some observers gadget about the battery capacity Note 8. With dimensions of larger screens, Note 8 instead equipped with a battery of 3300 mAh, which means smaller than the Note 7 or S8 + with a 3,500 mAh battery.note8 official 1

To answer these question marks, DJ Koh also catapult the answer. According to Samsung’s big boss, the battery capacity of 3300 mAh in Note 8 to be sufficient. Note Section 8 has been using chipsets designed by fabricating 10 nm. This means lower power consumption 30 percent compared to Note 7 which has 14 nm chipset.

Moreover how to use Notes 8 users also claimed to boost the resilience of the battery. To be sure Samsung wants to provide security above all else. DJ Koh claims that the battery will not leak Note 8. At least 95 percent of the total capacity is guaranteed to still function after the use of two years.


Not only batteries, many also lamented the lack of features wah in Note 8. As we all know, smartphones bongsor still rely S-Pen, but no new features that really wow. About this one, DJ Koh back catapult answer.

According to him, the Galaxy Note 8 was created based on a survey of users who turned out to have a variety of needs. No one wants new features, there is also a priority to durability for long-term use. So it is not only to create new innovations, but also innovation that can truly embrace the users.

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